About Our Caregivers

      All of our Caregivers are highly-skilled, compassionate professionals with years of experience in providing reliable quality In-Home Care and Companionship Care.  Adult children and other loved ones of our clients are encouraged to establish a relationship directly with our caregivers, regularly communicating with them to establish a bond and the trust needed to ensure their peace of mind.

     To ensure the highest standard of safety for our clients, our caregivers are free from any criminal background and from any communicable diseases; they are insured  and have medical authorization to perform in-home care and companionship care services.  All of our caregivers are prohibited from accepting any personal belongings from our clients and from managing our clients' checkbook, without authorization from administration of Heart To Heart Home Care.

     In order to ensure the best trusted relationship for our clients, all caregivers are partnered with clients based upon clients' individual needs and times care is needed and with our caregivers' skill levels and personalities in mind.  Together, we make life worthwhile, give peace of mind to loved ones, and create a smile or two,