In Home Care and Senior Companionship Care


Necessary Reminders/Scheduling Appointments

We understand that meeting daily objectives can be overwhelming.  Part of our home care and senior companionship care is utilizing the best home health aides.  We patiently remind, encourage and supervise daily necessities and activities, keeping our clients engaged at their own pace. We schedule our clients' appointments and maintain a calendar kept in their home. We are expanding our service area to include Jupiter, Stuart and Vero Beach.


Grocery and Home Supplies Shopping

 We enjoy grocery shopping with our clients at their pace and are happy to shop for them when they aren't able. We organize a grocery and home supplies needs shopping list that is kept in the home and updated throughout the week. 


Meal Preparation and Planning

We enjoy sharing meals with our clients after planning and preparing them, taking into consideration special needs diets.


Food Freshness Checks

We keep our clients' refrigerators and cupboards clean, regularly checking for freshness and expiration dates.


Companionship Care


Companionship Care is key to a trusted relationship with our caregivers. We want to develop a caring relationship providing One-On-One attention and care that cannot compare in other settings.


Doctor Visits

We take our clients to their doctors' appointments and schedule follow-up visits for us to take them to.


Prescriptions and Medical Supplies

We pick up our clients' prescriptions and medical supplies at their pharmacy.

A pill box will be filled regularly by a nursing agency or a relative/friend trained

by the nursing agency.


Social Outings

We love to get our clients back to doing the things they used to enjoy, including various social outings and activities such as going to a movie, going to the library, taking a dip in the pool, going to the mall, going to museums, going to Hair and Nail Salons and Barber Shops, etc. - all at their pace in their time. 


House Cleaning and Linen Care

We maintain a clean and safe environment in our client's home.  We change the bed linens regularly and provide laundry care as needed.